Prints with a soul

I make limited-edition art prints based on places, nostalgia, my home and my obsessions. Each print is uniquely imperfect because of the manual linocut printing process.


Art shouldn't be mass produced

All the artwork on the shop is made by hand. It takes over 80 hours to manually draw each piece, chisel it on linoleum and press by hand with different papers and inks. Each edition is precisely aligned and stamped a hundred times with a consistent layer of ink. Every artwork is special and it will be gone forever after 100 prints.

Archival Quality

The artwork is made on locally sourced, handmade paper from recycled cotton rags. It is custom-made in small batches by craftsmen for Pune Artistry Works. Another paper used is the Japanese Tomoe river paper, a fountain pen paper also known to be one of the best papers for ink-based art. Each paper is individually curated to enhance the artwork. These papers, along with special relief inks, make archival quality prints that last decades.

Distinctive Aesthetic

Linocut artwork has small imperfections that come with variation in stamping pressure, amount of ink and manual alignment of the linoleum. These imperfections add character to the artwork, making it evidently different from a digital print. The ink contains pigments of pure colour that give hues a distinct finish. The colour becomes a part of the paper and not a layer on top of it.

A Meditative Process

Making stamps from linoleum is an introspective craft. Every slow and careful cut makes it to the final print, even the errors. The calmness of the technique becomes part of the final print.