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Banana Tree

Banana Tree

Frame - 310mm x 410mm

Ink - Pigmented relief ink

Paper - Indian natural cotton paper

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Made in a limited edition of 100 linocut prints. Lasts decades. Comes signed and numbered with a basic frame.

I fell in love with Japanese culture & art while studying architecture. One of my projects required me to study Japan—the more I read the more I became enamoured by it.

In particular, I became interested in Sumi-e, a Japanese art form that means ‘black ink painting’. Many sumi paintings were botanical (my favourite), so when I decided to try it for myself I gravitated towards a natural form.

This print was inspired by the banana trees in my grandmother’s farm, made in a style similar to Sumi-e and adapted to a linoleum print.

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This is a relief print hand-made by using the linoleum cut technique. The surface of a linoleum block is carved so that its raised area can be inked and manually transferred to paper. The areas that are cut away remain white. 


The artwork comes in a basic black frame with an acrylic window that is sturdy, simple and can last years. It can also act as a template should you choose to display the print in a frame of your choice.


Each artwork is made in a limited edition of hundred pieces. The art is transferred on bespoke cotton paper with archival inks that will last decades. Your print comes uniquely numbered and signed by the artist.