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Frame - 250mm x 400mm

Ink - Pigmented relief ink

Paper - Indian cotton paper, salmon colour

Made in a limited edition of 100 linocut prints. Lasts decades. Comes signed and numbered with a basic frame.

I’ve always said that my kaki(aunt) cooks the best fish in the world. It’s not the recipe, it’s the way she makes it that adds something special to it.

Ever since I was old enough to hold a knife, I’ve been helping my mom and her prepare the fish for cooking. This print is dedicated to the fun I had helping my them in the kitchen all these years.

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This is a relief print hand-made by using the linoleum cut technique. The surface of a linoleum block is carved so that its raised area can be inked and manually transferred to paper. The areas that are cut away remain white. 


The artwork comes in a basic black frame with an acrylic window that is sturdy, simple and can last years. It can also act as a template should you choose to display the print in a frame of your choice.


Each artwork is made in a limited edition of hundred pieces. The art is transferred on bespoke cotton paper with archival inks that will last decades. Your print comes uniquely numbered and signed by the artist.